3 Simple New Year’s Resolutions that you can’t break

New Year is always a time to take stock of your life and make some changes. However many New Year’s Resolutions whilst well meant, prove challenging to maintain. This is why here at Home and Office Storage we have come up with some resolutions that once started are pretty hard to break, and can have a real impact on your life!

Declutter and make the most of your space

There is no better way to kick start the New Year than with a good old clear out. Indeed not only will a declutter put your home in order but it will make you feel more energised and happier too. Let’s face it once you have decluttered your home, it should last for at least a year, making it a resolution that’s easy to keep! If you have items that you still want to keep, but don’t need in your home all year round, why don’t you consider renting a storage unit from us? Storage units, keep your possessions safe, and your home clutter free, a win-win solution for all.

Carry out a safety inspection on your home

Another really easy resolution to achieve is to make sure your home is safe and secure for your loved ones and your possessions. A simple inspection and test of your smoke alarms, takes seconds to do and will give you peace of mind for the year ahead. Replace any batteries that are showing signs of corrosion. If you haven’t got a carbon monoxide detector invest in one, as carbon monoxide is a silent and invisible killer. Check your entrances and exit points in your home too, make sure your locks all work and your windows and doors fit flush in the frame. Once your inspection is done, sit back and relax knowing that your home is safe for the year ahead.

Turn small change into something bigger

Our final suggestion couldn’t be easier, pick up loose change wherever you find it and save it up. Hunt in the cracks of your cushions on your sofa, go through all your clothes pockets (whilst you’re doing that it might be time to take stock of wardrobe too, if you haven’t worn it for over a year there’s probably a good reason!), look in the seal of your washing machine, and in all the nook and crannies of your car. Create a central collection spot, and start to see your small change grow. At the end of the year you will be amazed how much you have gained. Use the money for a special treat, or maybe give some to a good cause. The choice is yours; there really is merit in the saying “look after the pennies and the pounds look after themselves.”

Wishing all our customers a safe and prosperous New Year

Here at Home and Office Storage we would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, and if you need help with your storage solutions, or would like to hire our van, just fill out an online request or call us on 01934 647776 and we’ll be delighted to help