No creatures no matter how great or small!

What can I put into self storage units?
If you are moving out of one property and waiting to move into another, whether it’s residential or business, self-storage units provide the perfect solution to your storage needs. However, before you start loading your van, read our helpful advice on what is allowed when you rent a self-storage unit!

No creatures no matter how great or small
Storage units are fabulous places for keeping your treasured possessions safe, but they are definitely not the place for your treasured pets. No live animals, whether birds, fish, reptiles or any four legged furry friends are allowed inside. If you need somewhere for your pets ask a friend or pay for professional care.

No food, perishable items, or substances that emit any fumes, smell or odour
We like our units to look and smell nice and clean, and I’m sure you do too. This is why you cannot store any perishable items. Perishable items can decompose and leak, leading to damage to property and to the units. Rotting food can also attract vermin, and whilst the units are secure, certain pests are excellent at getting through the smallest of cracks. Likewise any pungent smelling objects are not permitted, as the fumes can affect everyone’s belongings and units.

If it can go bang it can’t come in
Combustible or flammable materials or liquids such as gas, paint, petrol or cleaning solvents, are not permitted. Likewise you cannot stores any firearms, explosives, weapons or ammunition or any chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents, toxic waste or asbestos. Quite simply if it is combustible or potentially dangerous to health, then you can’t store it in your unit.

No illegal substances, items or goods illegally obtained
We won’t ask to see proof of purchase for any items you store with us, but we will ask you to sign an agreement, saying that you are not storing any items of an illegal nature. Our clients trust us to provide a premium service, and we trust our clients to fully abide by our terms and conditions.

There’s no place like home
Just because your belongings from your home or business might be stored in your unit, it doesn’t mean you can live or work there. Self-storage units are not a substitute for your home or place of work, and are to be used only for storing your valuables.

Trust us to solve your self-storage needs
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